Monday, March 16, 2015

Established Boat Dealers in Missouri Offer New and Pre-Owned Options

Lund has released redesigns of its Pro Guides, particularly the 1775, 1875, and 2075 models; and local fishing aficionados may now check out these latest lines at reputable boat dealers in Missouri. The Pro Guide series has always been among fishermen’s favorites to take out to sea, and the new models are modified and re-engineered versions aimed at strengthening Lund’s foothold in the market. The new offerings come with lengthened hulls and broader beams, and provide superb comfort and legroom. One of the earliest Pro Guides owners, Minnesota fishing Hall of Famer Gary Roach described the experience as follows: "Sitting in the captain's chair of my new Pro Guide feels like fishing in my living room". He further says, "the boat's that roomy, that comfortable.

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