Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trade-Ins Make Boats for Sale in Kansas Dealerships More Affordable

If boaters had their way, they’d love to get a literal trade-in: their old boat for that shiny new one on the show floor. That’s not going to happen, though—the most you will get is a fair offer on your vessel, which then goes towards the price of your new boat. Consult marine bluebooks like NADA and ABOS to know how much a vessel of your boat’s model and age can go for. Go to a Reputable Dealer Be sure to transact only with reputable boat dealers in Kansas or those in nearby states, like White’s Marine Center in Missouri. Note that they will try to ask a discount on your boat’s trade-in price. Be flexible, though; in all likelihood, you’ll be asking for a markdown on your new vessel, too.

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